LPG Luxembourg

An ideal location in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the European Union. It is also one of the most attractive for business due to its unparalleled political, economic and social stability, a very attractive tax environment and a first class financial hub.

Luxembourg is by far the richest country in the European Union with a GDP per capita well above the European average. There are few administrative barriers, in line with the country's receptiveness to economic opportunities.

LPG Luxembourg

LPG Fiduciaire Luxembourg Paris Geneva is a certified public accounting firm offering its clients full accounting services, assisting in tax and administrative formalities and payroll services.

In addition to these basic accounting services, LPG offers certified public accounting services from its team of CPAs certified in Luxembourg. LPG's tax consulting department allows clients to take advantage of innovative corporate finance techniques.

Other services offered by LPG which are closely linked to tax consulting include company incorporation and registration and also administration services for these companies.