LPG Group



LPG Group of certified public accountants has offices in Paris, Luxembourg, Bucharest, Sofia, Montreal and Geneva and also has formed partnerships in the USA, Belgium, Netherlands, China and Italy.

LPG Group was founded at the start of 2000 by partners Denis Colin and Jonathan Beggiato to take on the client portfolio of a Luxembourg fiduciaire, the CPA of which was looking to retire. In June 2000, they joined this fiduciaire to take on the role of management as an annex firm with offices on Rue Val Sainte Croix, Luxembourg.

Subsequently, their experience in corporate tax law attracted an international clientele seeking vehicles which would allow exemptions of dividend income or capital gains on the sale of SOPARFI companies. A SOPARFI is classified as a financial holding company for the group's shareholdings for its affiliates.

In 2001, LPG Fiduciaire Luxembourg Paris Geneva SARL was officially created after the initial association and to acquire the client portfolio of the retiring CPA.

The same year, LPG opened an office in Romania, a country with strong ties to France, a dynamic economy with strong growth potential and skilled labor force. Its incorporation into the EU meant that investors flocked to Romania eager to profit from the burgeoning development of its economy.

In 2005, after a successful initial experience in Eastern Europe, LPG Group opens a new office in the neighboring country of Bulgaria. As many clients in Romania sought assistance in launching into the Balkan markets, opening an office in Bulgaria was a natural choice for LPG's expansion.

In 2006, the certified public accounting group LPG opens an office in Paris. Prior to this, the group was represented by a partner. Teaming up with Thierry Coulouvrat, CPA in Paris, was a logical progression for the group.

In 2010, LPG establishes another office, this time in Geneva, thereby completing the group's original goal of assisting clients in Luxembourg, Paris and Geneva (hence the group's name, LPG) to optimize their tax liabilities between Luxembourg and Switzerland thanks to tax treaties and attractive fiscal regimes in those countries.

In 2012, LPG reaches North America, opening an office with its Parisian partner Thierry Coulouvrat, in Montreal, Canada.