LPG Luxembourg

An ideal location in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the European Union. It is also one of the most attractive for business due to its unparalleled political, economic and social stability, a very attractive tax environment and a first class financial hub.Luxembourg is by far the richest country in the European Union with a GDP per capita well above the European average. There are few administrative barriers, in line with the country's receptiveness to economic opportunities.LPG LuxembourgLPG Fiduciaire Luxembourg Paris Geneva is a certified public accounting firm offering its clients full accounting services, assisting in tax and administrative formalities and payroll services.In addition to these basic accounting services, LPG offers certified public accounting services from its team of CPAs certified in Luxembourg. LPG's tax consulting department allows clients to take advantage of innovative corporate finance techniques.Other services offered by LPG which are closely linked to tax consulting include company incorporation and registration and also administration services for these companies.

LPG Switzerland

Switzerland offers a unique position for business, in the center of Europe and yet outside of the European Union. Switzerland is particularly stable and has a strong economy: a country based on tradition but also forward-thinking with an eye toward international business.LPG Geneva, Swiss FiduciaireLPG Geneva, Swiss Fiduciaire, offers a wide range of services to companies from accounting and auditing to more detailed certified public accounting services, creating annual reports and tax filing.Alongside its accounting services, LPG Geneva can also give its clients detailed tax advice, both on a national and international level, in partnership with its renowned tax department at LPG Luxembourg.Complementing its services, LPG Geneva, Swiss Fiduciaire also offers operations support services such as company incorporation, corporate management and the registration of corporate addresses.

LPG Romania

With a total of 23 million inhabitants, Romania has a large domestic market affording countless business opportunities for the investor. It has a highly educated, multilingual and skilled work force with competitive salaries compared to the rest of Europe.Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007. It has a corporate income tax rate of 16% (since 2005).LPG RomaniaLPG Romania is a multilingual certified public accounting firm which also offers complete incorporation services for those looking to locate a business in this country.LPG offers traditional accounting services like bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, tax and social security filings, payroll services and auditing. In addition to these basic services, LPG also assists investors in project development and incorporating in Romania.From a simple search for sub-contractors to global expansion assistance with the support of Romanian certified public accountants, from recruiting employees to company creation and even finding office, factory or warehouse space, LPG is your partner paving the way for your business to succeed.

LPG France

In addition to its tourist attractions, France attracts many foreign companies due to role as a key business center in Europe with the resources, well-educated work force, infrastructure and quality of life.LPG ParisLPG expanded to France in order to respond to the needs of its clients to develop internationally offering its expertise in international business.LPG Paris has a long history in certified public accounting, offering entrepreneurs complete services from the ground level up: research and analysis, company formation in France, the creation of accounting structures (with its team of certified public accountants in Paris), administrative organization, financial forecasting, tax optimization, administrative and personnel management, payroll services and legal services.

LPG Bulgaria

A trade portal to Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is geographically and culturally proximate to the Balkan (Belgrade, Thessalonique, Istanbul, Bucharest, etc...), Russian, and Ukrainian markets. With a skilled labor force who enjoy a high standard of living with comparatively low salaries, Bulgaria is a particularly attractive to investors.The growth of the Bulgarian economy has been swift. Its advantageous tax regime (a corporate tax of 10%) has had a direct, positive impact on the economy - Bulgaria has managed to attract the majority of foreign investments in Europe in recent years. Bulgaria became a member of the European Union in 2007.LPG BulgariaLPG Bulgaria coordinates and carries out research processes for its partners, incorporates companies or helps to create companies in Bulgaria. LPG offers a complete list of services from market studies, registering companies, real estate searches, staff recruiting, registering an office headquarters in Bulgaria, translation services and more. Clients with LPG know they have a partner to guide them every step of the way through the company incorporation process.