Why LPG?

LPG : Luxembourg Paris Geneva


LPG is a CPA accounting group with branches located throughout Europe. Its main activities are in the fields of consulting, auditing and accounting. With offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada (Quebec), France, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as partnerships with other firms in different European countries, LPG offers a personalized, dynamic and versatile service to best serve its clients and partners.

LPG Group works with companies of all sizes to implement their national and international development projects in the medium and long term by providing complete and customized solutions. LPG assists its clients in launching their activities in foreign markets with high growth potential, helping them develop their commercial or industrial activity there.

LPG Group applies its knowledge built upon years of experience to offer its clients a structured service tailored to their individual needs.

LPG has offices in six countries and a strong international network available to its clients